What's with the name?

We embrace Eastern philosophy and wisdom.  The Bamboo Beats name was inspired by the luck, prosperity and longevity that the bamboo plant symbolizes.  Our goal is to mark each event by our presence and bestow good fortune on our clients and their guests, so that they too may enjoy long and happy lives.  The bamboo plant is also known for its sustainability, flexibility and adaptability to many environments.  The green bars in our logo represent bamboo stalks and equalizer bars pulsing with wisdom, prosperity and harmonious beats!

How are you different from all the other DJ services?

We specialize in the Art of DJing. Our DJ crew is made up of true turntablists that believe in the original ways of Hip Hop culture (circa 1973).  We share the same philosophy as the originators of mixing and scratching, the pioneers of party rocking, and the innovators of blending music genres together.

All of our DJs have mastered the art of mixing on turntables and have expertise in using multiple techniques for mixing, scratching and blending music together.  We do not create pre-made “sets” before an event.  We incorporate your requests and music vision, and perform live and direct.  We pay attention and vibe with the crowd so that we can take them on a musical journey.  Our DJs are not passive playlist operators – they don’t push play and walk away.

Our DJ skills have also been battle tested and approved!  We are not just wedding DJs -or- just club DJs. We are Universal DJs.  Any time, any place, we can get busy and rock the crowd.  DJing is our life.

What is the difference between hiring a DJ or just using an iPod?

Your choice of music represents a large percentage of the success of your event! Guests may not remember how good the food was or how beautiful the flowers were, but they will remember how much fun they had dancing their faces off!

If you want a musical vibe that reflects your personality and a dance party that kicks butt, there is only one choice. You need to hire a DJ. But not just any DJ — an awesome DJ! All DJs are not created equal. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. A truly talented, organized, seasoned and exciting DJ will give you an epic musical experience that is worth its weight in gold! A horrible DJ will give you and your guests an expensive nightmare that will be hard to forget.

If you think you don’t have the budget for an awesome DJ and want to use an iPod… Think again. Your iPod can do many things, but it will NOT read the crowd, blend the best parts of a song, pick up the pace, mix in requests on the fly or create a frenzy on the dance floor. Unfortunately, you can’t “scroll back” on your wedding day, so our advice is to move forward with the best DJ you can afford!

You will want your DJ service to be of the same caliber as your other vendors. So be mindful when comparing prices. Read our reviews and you will see the difference.

Do your djs work full time?

We strive to maintain the highest quality of DJ services as possible. We also believe in sharing the love with other reputable DJs that take party rocking seriously.  All of our DJs are professional, full time DJs.  DJing is not a weekend job for us, this is our only livelihood.  It’s our passion and the reason we get up in the morning (or afternoon, when you’re operating on DJ time, ha, ha!).

what type of music do you play?

Our music tastes are Universal.  We enjoy all genres and create musical atmospheres that match the desired mood expressed by our clients along with music that appeals to the vibe of the crowd.  We aim to unite all people on the dance floor.  We believe in “One Nation Under a Groove.” – Funkadelic

Do you have MC experience?

As with many world class performing artists, our DJs are humble and genuine when you meet them in person.  As professional performers, put them behind two turntables and you will see a whole different level of energy and excitement!

From our Hip Hop background, M.C. means “Move the Crowd” and we do this by getting on the mic with confidence and class, directing attention to what’s happening and checking in with the crowd when necessary.  Our style is low-key and tasteful, our DJs are never inappropriate, won’t crack jokes and definitely enhance the environment rather than cause distraction.  We are very organized and keep things flowing smoothly so you don’t have to worry about what’s happening next.

How do you typically interact with partygoers?

The way we interact with guests is to create an amazing music environment from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to dinner.  We let the music speak for itself. Then, our DJs get you and your guests moving on the dance floor!  We usually don’t perform any interactive games or forced activities, but if you have any cultural traditions or themed ideas we most definitely are down to incorporate them.

How do you typically dress?

We work hard behind the turntables, so we usually wear a modern black dress shirt and dark pants.  If you are having a more formal event, just let us know and we can accommodate your vibe.