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All of my guests said that Bamboo Beats was the best DJ they had ever heard at a wedding. It was the perfect balance between making sure that everything kept moving and playing awesome music ~ MARY + MONICA


Thank you so much for providing the best music and coolest vibe for our wedding. You guys are the best! We loved getting to know you! ~ SARA + CLAY


I was out on that dance floor and was totally impressed with the music selection and the DJ's creative mixing skills - great work! Better than any club I've been to! ~ RANDOM WEDDING GUEST


I absolutely LOVE this DJ. I used to be a wedding DJ, and there is no question that they are in a different (way better) league. I've now been to two weddings, and sure enough, the dance floor was going crazy for both. Would highly recommend! - RANDOM WEDDING GUEST


Bamboo Beats is among the most professional, thoughtful, and talented DJs in the business. They are pros, they know what they're doing and will keep the party jumping all night! Thanks guys so much!! ~ KATIE + JOHN


We had friends from college, family from Seattle and Puerto Rico, and family friends from all over Central America and DJ Cues stitched together an amazing vibe for our diverse crowd. The music he played really carried the beat for the whole night. ~ NATALIA + BRIAN


LIBBY + JOHN | Wedding – Westland Distillery (Photo by ARBR Pictures)

Worth Every Penny

Bamboo Beats was probably the best wedding decision that I made. They were great to work with and set the mood perfectly. So many people try to save money and cut corners with the DJ, which I do not understand. Do you want to invest in good sound quality and a fabulous atmosphere? Bamboo Beats is worth every penny. I got the most compliments on the music! Our dance party was epic!


AMANDA + COREY | Wedding – The Ruins (Photo by Laurel McConnell)


Bamboo Beats is Awesome!!! I could not ask for a better DJ. I had family from all parts of the world and our DJ played music for everyone. Everything was on time, toasts, dances and cake cutting music was done to perfection. They even mixed our dance off music!!!! Thank you Bamboo Beats for making my wedding something to talk about. Everyone keeps saying how great our DJ was!!! Thank you


OBIE + IAN | Wedding – EMP (Photo by Jennifer Tai)


We were absolutely floored by how AMAZING Bamboo Beats was at our ceremony and reception! Jojo and Isaac were a dream to work with and are really at the top of their game. The video mixing, up-lighting and screens made the whole experience truly over the top! They made sure every single wedding guest danced the night away and they couldn’t have been a more perfect match for what we imagined! You will be absolutely blown away by Bamboo Beats!!!!!


JOCELYN + ADAM| Wedding – WithinSodo (Photo by Shane MacComber)


Wow! We can’t thank you guys enough for carrying the beat throughout our wedding. The ceremony music was perfect. The announcements were spot on. And the dance floor was off the chain!!! Seriously best party ever. You guys are the best and we will recommend Bamboo Beats to all our friends. 


CAITLIN + COLIN | Wedding – AXIS Pioneer Square (Photos by Shoda Love)


It’s one thing for your friends and family to tell you, “Oh, I had such a great time at your wedding, and your DJ was awesome.” It’s a whole different level when your friends proceed book them for their own weddings, or others call you in tears because they are stuck in their contract with their wedding DJ but they just want the amazingness that was Bamboo Beats at your wedding. These are true stories, folks. You can’t go wrong with Bamboo Beats. Not only are they amazing at their job (we had Jojo and DJ Tecumseh), but of all the DJs we interviewed (and mind you, I was the bride-to-be with the Excel spreadsheet of potential DJs to interview), they were, by far, hands down, without a doubt, the most professional, offered the widest range of costs and options, were the most experienced in the broadest range of styles, and the most delightful to be around. Another vote of confidence: other vendors light up with they hear that you’ve hired Bamboo Beats. For example, our photographer was asking about the lighting in our venue, and the second that we mentioned that Bamboo Beats was in charge of it, he relaxed and exclaimed, “You don’t need to say anything more. Those guys will make it look fantastic and we will have no problems.” Of course, he was correct.


CARLA + STEPHAN | Wedding – Escala Condos (Photos by Lucas Mobley)


We couldn’t be happier with our experience with Bamboo Beats.  I work in the wedding industry myself (Owner, Honey Crumb Cake Studio), and have worked alongside Jojo and Isaac on many weddings.  They’d proven their professionalism countless times over, so booking them for my own wedding was one of the easiest decisions in the whole planning process.  As a bonus, they were also palpably excited to be working with us, which was so refreshing! (No jaded-old-wedding-pro stuff here; these people really love what they do and each client is a fresh opportunity for them.) We were really thrilled that Isaac, aka DJ Tecumseh (the co-founder and principal DJ) was actually available for our wedding date.  Score! Email communication was consistently friendly and efficient, and the worksheets we were given to help refine our music choices were incredibly helpful and thorough.
DJ Tecumseh’s adaptability and calm demeanor is the icing on the cake. He worked seamlessly alongside our musician friend Jon, who played live jazz piano during parts of the ceremony and during the post-ceremony cocktail hour.  So, we needed our DJ to play during pre-ceremony cocktails, during dinner, and then for a couple hours of dancing.  The complicating factor was that our ceremony was outdoors and our reception indoors; this presented no problem to Bamboo Beats — they simply set up additional speakers outside, and everything sounded perfect throughout the day, regardless of locale.
Dinner ran quite a bit later than expected on our timeline, so the first dances and the rest of the party had a delayed start — again, no problem for Tecumseh; he took it all in his stride and got everyone on their feet with some *perfect* and danceworthy tunes right from the outset.  We didn’t have a long list of song requests for the dance party itself, but there were still a few on there that were favorites. Tecumseh managed to streamline them all perfectly into the overall mix of soul and funk that he spun for us.  We still chuckle about the fact that my husband’s cousin, who had had back surgery not long before our wedding, was still partying hard, walking cane and all!  Our only regret is that we hired them until 11pm, when we could’ve easily kept dancing for another hour.  Once the last song had played, all the guests trickled home and Isaac and Jojo were starting to pack up their equipment. At this point, my husband and I were so jacked up on all the energy from the day that there was no way we’d be going to sleep soon, so we sat down and hung out with Jojo and Isaac for a few minutes.  They chatted with us about the day and told us little stories of what the wedding was like from their perspective.  It was so neat to have that little nugget of downtime with them, and it shows not only how personable and generous they both are, but also how easy it is to be around them!  It was such a pleasure to work with a team like Jojo and Isaac.  They really made our wedding complete; the music kicked ass and their service was world class.  We recommend them wholeheartedly!

JOCELYN + AUSTIN | Wedding, Arctic Club (Photos by Kirk Mastin)


I have never, ever written a review for anything online, ever, but I just could not resist.  Isaac was the BEST wedding DJ I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. I chose Bamboo Beats because I felt that they were really in sync with the type of music I wanted to play at my wedding and I wanted a DJ, not just a human IPOD manager. 

Isaac and Jojo delivered and surpassed my expectations. My friends and family have not stopped raving about the music, truly there have been more comments about the DJ than anything else ( including how stunning I was ; ), j/k). 

Isaac is a true DJ, not just a songlist player/ MC. He responded quickly and accurately to the crowd and the vibe and the playlist was PERFECTION. I asked for a mix of current hits but wanted a focus on early 90’s dance and hiphop with a little blend of motown, it was so good!!! 

They did the audio and music for the ceremony as well which was flawless. 

I can not say enough and I recommend Bamboo Beats without reservation…. don’t miss out on this, I know how stressful wedding planning is and, in retrospect, this was a slam dunk choice!


JESS + RUPERT | Wedding, Half Moon Bay, CA (Photos by Vero Suh)


WOW…what can I say about Bamboo Beats!?! They were simply amazing to work with and truly professional. Our wedding was simply EPIC and we could not have done it with out them.

Music was one of the most important things that we knew we had to be just right for our wedding. I’ve known DJ Tecemseh and his wife Jojo for 10+ years and have been a guest at other weddings they’ve DJ’d and known several others who have hired them. Besides that I’ve had the pleasure of working with them and enjoying their music at other events around Seattle. It’s always a great experience knowing you’re working with top talent and awesome people who know how to deliver!

They traveled from Seattle to Half Moon Bay, CA to dj our event. You must be thinking that there are a ton of dope DJ’s here in The Bay Area that I could reach out to, but I knew I could trust none other than Bamboo Beats for our once in a lifetime event.

They were on point with everything from the music, lighting and MC’ing. How cool is video djing?!? They catered to the old and the young and made sure everyone had a great time while sticking to the timeline and improvising when things were off track.

I can’t thank you all enough for giving us the wedding music of our dreams! 🙂

MEGHA + MAX | Wedding – Sodo Park



Isaac and Jojo rocked my wedding. My husband is Caucasian American and I am Indian and we had a very multicultural guest list.  These guys from the beginning showed interest in knowing our preferences, impressed me with their extensive collection of Bollywood and bhangra music which I was not sure an american DJ would know much about.  But Isaac and Jojo do it like no one else.  They understand Seattle’s diversity and know their music from all across the world. 

Leading up to the event. Jojo was always in touch to know about what we would like to see play, give recommendations.  She also helped the last week to edit our first dance music which by the way I sent really last minute! 

At the day of, they seem to just seamlessly blend hip hop, top 50, and Bollywood  music impressing everyone.  My Indian family, friends, our Seattle dance lovers and my husband’s family from Vermont all just loved the music! We danced till the closing!!  I will recommend them in a heartbeat!

PAULA + JAMES | Wedding – Palace Ballroom


Bamboo Beats is an amazing vendor, from the minute we met them and they asked all about what we wanted our wedding vibe to be / to the meet up again before the solidify music / to the day of the wedding — everything was great! They are very professional and know how to throw an awesome party. They took my husband’s and my very different music tastes and merged them into everything we had in mind. Our guests gave us so many compliments and said they were the best they had heard. We also had uplighting done and it was definitely a plus, it added to the ambiance of the evening.  So if you are looking for a wedding DJ, look no further!

SHELLY + JUSTIN | Wedding – Palace Ballroom


We cannot say enough good things about Isaac (DJ Tecumseh) and Jojo! Their ability to read the crowd and anticipate their mood/dancing needs is almost supernatural!  The dancing never stopped and they even played 2 encore songs after the wedding was supposed to be over because our guests were having such a good time they just could’t leave the dance floor yet.  They were so thoughtful in taking guest requests but checking in with us if they thought we might have a problem with a song.  They helped us orchestrate a confetti pop on the last song, which went off flawlessly.  On top of it all, they did a quick edit just 2 weeks out of the music for the father-daughter dance.  Of all our vendors, there were only 2 who gave us zero problems and made everything just so easy, and Bamboo Beats was one of them!  Their timing and choice of music from the ceremony to the cocktail hour right through the reception was spot on.  We got so many comments on how awesome the DJ was and we couldn’t agree more!!

ERIN + EVI | Wedding – Arctic Club


My husband and I hired DJ Cues from Bamboo Beats to do the music for the reception for our recent wedding, which was probably one of the best decisions we could have made. We basically made a few suggestions of specific songs and artists we liked, and Cues took that and ran with it.  The ambiance at dinner was spot-on, and the dance party afterwards was fantastic!  He did a great job of reading the crowd, and we got a TON of compliments on the music from all our guests.  The whole team at Bamboo Beats was a pleasure to work with – definitely recommend these guys!

KATY + JOHN | Wedding – Woodland Park Zoo


I honestly can’t say how happy we are to have found Bamboo Beats.  Based on our somewhat eclectic musical taste, DJ Cues created an amazing playlist that had me wanting to dance all night.  He helped the reception move along so smoothly!  Can’t recommend enough!  Totally worth the price tag it if you want your music to rock!